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Mrs. Annie Kurtz

Mrs. Annie Kurtz

Annie Kurtz, who has been a Psychologist at the Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris for many years, has been working in Professor Bousser's Neurology Service since 1989. Through her training and professional experience, she has acquired expertise in both psychopathology and neuropsychology. She ensures that the subjective dimension is upheld in the practice of Psychology within the Neurology Unit and that the mental anguish suffered by patients with neurological diseases and their families is fully recognised.

Her meeting with CADASIL patients and their families in 1990 led her to become a member of the Board of the Association Cadasil France.

She is a member of the Committee of Protection of Persons in the Paris Region and within this framework considers ethical issues relating to hospital medicine and biomedical research.